You May Be Entitled to Significant
Compensation for Bladder Mesh
Damages via Lawsuit

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Bladder mesh lawsuits are being assessed by our legal team for females
throughout the USA who are experiencing or have experienced:

Difficulty during Sex -- Mesh Erosion-- Infection -- Problems in the Urinary Tract
Pain Around the Pelvis -- Pain in the Vaginal Area -- Nearby Organ Injury -- Mesh Hardening

Bladder Mesh Lawsuit Efforts Have Resulted in Almost $20 Million Rewarded by Juries.

Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of American women who had vaginal mesh implants implemented as a treatment for POP - (Pelvic Organ Prolapse) - or SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) have not only been filing lawsuits against the product manufucturers, but have been winning, due to juries seeing the suffering that has produced serious complications. The question for many of these women, is not whether they should file a bladder mesh lawsuit, but how much compensation would they be awarded, assuming a favorable result in the courtroom.

Jury Awards To Date Account for Almost $20 Million in Victory for Sufferers

There are 2 distinct categories of damages that can be filed in a bladder mesh lawsuit:

1) “Economic” damages

2) “Non-Economic” Damages

The first includes losses such as expenses from the surgery, doctor, hospital and other medical expenses, as well as income losses you may have had from not being able to work.

The second includes the suffering itself that you’ve gone through – the pain and turmoil you’ve experienced throughout this horrific period since the procedure was performed.

Over $18 million in damages have been assessed and awarded to date to the plaintiffs against the transvaginal mesh manufacturers.

A few cases are listed below:

  • 8/15/13: Donna Cisson (plaintiff) received two million dollars when WV Fed. Trial in court vs C.R. Bard over Bard Avaulta Plus bladder mesh (a product manufactured by that company).
  • 2/28/13: Linda Gross (plaintiff) received over eleven million dollars when NJ trial in court vs Johnson & Johnson as a result of it Gyne care pro lift (transvaginal mesh bladder sling).
  • 7/23/12: Christine Scott (plaintiff) received over five million when CA state trial in court vs C.R. Bard as a result of their Avaulta Bladder Mesh Plus (vaginal mesh sling).
  • 4/12/14: Linda Batiste (plaintiff) received over one million in damages when TX state trial jury vs. Ethicon for injuries sustained when a Gyne Care Pro Lift TVT-O vaginal/bladder mesh sling device was implanted.

2 Cases Received Amounts Held In Private

It is important to not that beyond the 3 cases aforementioned, there were 2 additional settlements that were negotiated outside of trial, without court involvement - 9/13, Melanie Virgil (NJ) and 8/13, Wanda Queen (WV). Since the publish date of this document, there are certain to be other cases that have gone to trial or settled outside of court.