Brief description

ELISA Kit for the measurement of CHO host cell proteins.


Detection kit for the determination of bulk products contaminated with NS/0 host cell proteins. Based on “sandwich” ELISA methods, with fast and highly sensitive analysis.


  • Detect and quantify HCP concentrations at any point in your purification process;
  • Based on ELISA: fast and familiar format with high sensitivity;
  • 96-well plate coated with capture antibody;
  • HCP standards, reporter antibody, streptavidin-HRP conjugate, and TMB substrate, included buffers;


Detection of host cell proteins

Assay measures

The detection kit is based on “sandwich” ELISA methods. Host cell protein antibodies are immobilized in 96-well plates. Samples are added and the host cell proteins bind to the antibodies. Biotinylated host cell protein antibody is then added, followed by streptavidin HRP, which binds to biotin. TMB substrate is then added and HRP catalyzes the conversion of TMB to a coloured product. The reaction is then stopped and read on a standard colourimetric plate reader.

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